Car sharing.

Fleet control.

Our product suite, named Mobility Marketplace, provides a comprehensive range of services for managing fleets, customers, and costs.

This includes everything from basic fleet management to intricate car sharing solutions that integrate overlapping fleet operations and impose time constraints.

Our Solutions

Three different solutions.
Unlimited possibilities.

Corporate Car Sharing

Shared Mobility

Intelligent Replacement

  • Enable company-owned vehicles to be used safely and efficiently by employees while automating the entire process.

Our Solutions

Three different solutions.
Unlimited possibilities.

1. Corporate Car Sharing

2. Shared Mobility

3. Intelligent Replacement Mobility

  • Enable company-owned vehicles to be used safely and efficiently by employees while automating the entire process.

Use Case

Our solution to your requirements

Our platform caters to a diverse range of industries and professionals seeking comprehensive car sharing solutions. We provide a wide array of features and benefits tailored to the specific needs of:

Fleet Managers

Streamline and optimize fleet operations, ensuring efficient vehicle utilization, maintenance scheduling, and cost management.

Car Sharing Operators

Implement complex car sharing systems with interconnected fleets and time restrictions, allowing for flexible and convenient access to vehicles for members.

Property Developers

Enhance the attractiveness of residential or commercial properties by integrating car sharing services, offering tenants and visitors a convenient transportation option.


Promote sustainable urban mobility by implementing car sharing programs, reducing traffic congestion, and encouraging the use of shared vehicles as an alternative to private car ownership.

All in One

Seamless car sharing ecosystem

Experience the future of car sharing with our integrated platform, combining an intuitive mobile app, powerful web dashboard, and advanced car sharing kit for convenient reservations, efficient fleet management, and enhanced mobility.

Mobile App

Our user-friendly mobile app allows seamless car sharing, enabling users to locate, reserve, and access vehicles, manage bookings, track usage, and make payments.

Web Portal

The Web Portal serves as a central command center, providing fleet managers and operators with tools for vehicle and customer management, reservations, and financial reporting.

Car Sharing Kit

Our kit equips vehicles with keyless entry, GPS tracking, and communication devices, seamlessly integrating them into the car sharing system for convenient access and remote monitoring.


Unlock the benefits of car sharing

Experience convenient mobility, cost savings, sustainability, and an enhanced user experience with our seamless car sharing solution. Revolutionize the way you move with easy vehicle access, optimized operations, and eco-friendly practices.

Convenient Mobility
Our car sharing platform offers users the convenience of accessing vehicles on-demand, eliminating the need for car ownership.

Whether for personal or business use, users can easily reserve and access vehicles at their preferred time and location, providing flexible mobility solutions that adapt to their needs.
Cost Savings and Efficiency
By embracing car sharing, fleet managers, property developers, and businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with vehicle ownership and maintenance.

Our platform optimizes fleet utilization, tracks vehicle performance, and streamlines administrative tasks, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solution
Car sharing promotes sustainable urban mobility and helps reduce carbon emissions by encouraging shared vehicle usage instead of individual car ownership.

With our platform, municipalities, property developers, and businesses can contribute to a greener future while meeting sustainability goals and enhancing their environmental reputation.
Enhanced User Experience
Our user-centric approach ensures an exceptional car sharing experience. With a user-friendly mobile app, intuitive web dashboard, and seamless vehicle access through our car sharing kit, users can easily find, book, and unlock vehicles, making their car sharing journey convenient and enjoyable.

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